Certified Credit Counsellor Designation

Through industry-leading professional designations and specialized training and education for the financial counselling profession, we set the bar high for required expertise in the financial counselling industry.

CACCS endorses the Counsellor Certification program that was developed and introduced to the financial counselling industry in 2006 by our affiliate Member, Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services (OACCS).

The OACCS Certified Credit Counsellor designation is recognized as the highest professional designation level available to not-for-profit Credit Counsellors in Canada.  This designation includes the Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada designation – a key aspect of our overall counsellor certification program, the Insolvency Counsellor’s Qualification Course designation and an extensive work experience requirement. To maintain the OACCS Certified Counsellor designation, certificants must keep abreast of developments in the subject matter and practice of the specialty and demonstrate this through continuous education.  OACCS Certified Credit Counsellors are considered the most highly qualified personal financial experts in the country.

Another element of our commitment to training and education for the financial counselling industry, is to make a component of our certification program – the Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada designation – broadly available to qualified financial practitioners in Canada. It is not a requirement to be a member of CACCS or OACCS in order to pursue the AFCC designation.

Financial practitioners who earn designations through our Certification programs, develop and present workshops, training programs and educational sessions for individuals and families that foster the understanding of personal finance and effective money management techniques, including how to apply them to everyday situations.